About Us


Angel Footwear Manufacturers was established in 1981 in Kwa-Zulu Natal as a component supplier to the footwear industry. In 1987 the company became a close corporation and began manufacturing completed footwear, specializing in the STITCH-DOWN CONSTUCTION. Today the company is the biggest supplier of stitch-down footwear in Africa.

The company is a family owned business owned by Avinash Ramlakan and now managed by son Ashley Ramlakan

Angel Footwear Manufacturers is an established business that has more than 35years track record in footwear manufacturing. The company supplies footwear to leading chain and mini chain stores throughout the country.

What We Do

Angel Footwear has a niche market for the manufacturing of men’s, ladies and children’s stitch-down footwear. The company also specialises in safety footwear, workwear and school shoes.


Trade Expos

We regularly participate in trade shows both locally and internationally to showcase our products and the South African Footwear Industry. This platform has helped us build relationships with other international manufacturers and adopt best practices and manufacturing technologies to further improve our products and remain in the forefront of developments. This enriched experience has benefitted both our products and customers.


Our Sales Agents

Angel Footwear has dedicated sales agents throughout the country who offer direct support to our customers for products and any new developments that they may require. These are seasoned individuals who understand footwear and the markets in which their customers trade in. In this way we are never out of touch with our customers and can offer them a personalized service.

Mission Statement

Striving for the best and staying ahead’, has been the Company’s motto for a number of years. It is also the foundation of our prosperous business.

‘Striving for the best and staying ahead’, has been the Company’s motto for a number of years. It is also the foundation of our prosperous business. We aim to become a market leader in the footwear industry and intend to accomplish our goal by providing;


  • high quality
  • efficiency
  • flexibility
  • motivation
  • high level of personnel training
  • and, of course, customer service.

We go to great lengths to serve our customers. In addition to providing products of the highest quality, we also actively consider our customers needs in order to support and improve their competitiveness. At Angel Footwear, we not only value our customers who keep us in business, but also our staff and suppliers, who are the ones that make our business reputable.

Our Strategy

To keep abreast of fashion, technology and business trends in the development of styles whilst maintaining our reputation of good quality, comfortable and value for money footwear.


Our own brands are promoted by truthful advertising in magazines, trade fairs and websites.


We pride ourselves in understanding trends within the markets we work in and develop accordingly rather than duplicating styles already in the market.

Our Competitive Edge

Our inhouse abilities include, a permanent design and development team which brings out products to market much faster than our competitors, our inhouse mould design and development team that can design a mould type to suit our customers need and confine the mould to them, our inhouse sole manufacturing plant that we can offer a variety between PVC, TPR, RUBBER and PU soles in varied colours and finishes. We furthermore have adopted tanneries that understand our leather needs and are able to provide us with varied finishes within very acceptable turnaround times. We continually provide training to our staff especially on critical areas of production, this ensures that we have continuity of these critical skills thus motivating our employees through upskilling.


The major factor that distinguishes Angel Footwear from the majority of the manufacturers is that our products are not seasonal and we are not dictated by fashion. We manufacture workwear and this is a year-round product. Our products are stitch down and manufactured using current technology with specialists in key areas of production. Our products size ranges from a size 00 – to a men’s size 15.


We do heavy workwear as well as comfortable workwear for corporates and office staff that are branded as required to personalise them with their logos.

Customer analysis and distribution channels

Angelfootwear presence in the market place is widespread with the distribution channels of our major customers who have stores and distribution channels in all the major cities as well as many outlying areas.

We also have a brand licenced for the export trade with a major US distributor.

Compliance & BEE

Angel Footwear is aligned with the National Bargaining Council for the Leather Industry and our employees are represented by NULAW and SACTWU. We do not employ any underage individuals and ensure that our CMT’S abide by the same token.


BEE certification

Antgel Footwear is a 100% black-owned Level One Certified company.


Whether you’re curious about us, or our brands, we’re here to answer any questions.