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Angel Footwear Manufacturers was established in 1981 in Kwa-Zulu Natal as a component supplier to the footwear industry.

In 1987 the company became a close corporation and began manufacturing completed footwear, specializing in the STITCH-DOWN CONSTUCTION. Today the company is the biggest supplier of stitch-down footwear in Africa.

The company is a family owned business owned by Avinash Ramlakan and now managed by son Ashley Ramlakan

Angel Footwear Manufacturers is an established business that has more than 35years track record in footwear manufacturing. The company supplies footwear to leading chain and mini chain stores throughout the country.

Our Brands


Angelsoftshoes stocks only the best locally manufactured footwear where superior quality and affordability is priority to our customers. Our products are sourced locally, 100% leather and proudly South African.

Evox Shoes

eVox footwear is the result of an evolution – a combination of international flavour with homegrown uniqueness that encapsulates the worldwide trend of “Casualisation of dress code” ,whilst we cater for the needs of millennials and Gen Z as fashion consumers. They want authenticity and product that enables them to stand out and feel special.


Woman Participation

In our current operations, we employ young black females and train them to become team leaders and quality control managers. We conduct in-house specialised training to provide them with the skills necessary for these positions, which also makes them more employable for future career aspirations. Currently, our team of young black female quality controllers are being trained by our inhouse Quality Specialist. We have engaged on various training of our team leaders by Productivity South Africa.

Our Enviroment

Enviroserv manages every aspect of our waste management. We recycle all cardboard, plastic and metal waste so that we minimise the waste to landfills. Any chemicals and oil wastes are stringently controlled and does not reach the waste water systems. These are collected by a recycler.


Whether you’re curious about us, or our brands, we’re here to answer any questions.